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Non stop Devizes Westminster tips

  1. Resist the temptation to buy new clothes or equipent that you have not tested.
  2. Show no bare midriff! Ensure you have an overlap between you thermal bottoms and thermal tops.
  3. Ensure that your thermal bottoms do not fall down as you run.
  4. Go easy on the energy drinks. Go for the slow burn and keep those embers glowing in the wee small hours instead of crashing.
  5. Do you really need paddles as large as the paddles the strongest sprint paddlers use over 200 metres?
  6. Instead of building up to a five hour paddle why not 3 x 8 miles with a bungee and an hour rest between each 8 miles.
  7. Keep most of your training paddles to maximum ninety minutes.
  8. Paddle six days a week if you can.
  9. Spend time on technique.
  10. Spend more time on technique.
  11. Don’t over train.
  12. Don’t use a GPS. As you go around bends theĀ  GPS shows a reduced speed.
  13. Don’t race other crews. Time trial the race.
  14. Paddle a boat you are 90% sure you will not fall out of when you are exhausted.
  15. A head torch creates a bubble of light around you beyond which you can not see.
  16. Pay for your supporters fuel.
  17. Use old bike innertubes to secure your compulsory kit.
  18. Focus on the moment and remember it is incredibly self inulgent.
  19. Be nice to your support crew.
  20. Don’t be a pre madonna.
  21. Consider doing the Regatta del Rio Negro in Argentina in January.
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