Milfontes training camp

Paddlers from Norwich Canoe Club joined us again for our annual February training camp. Head coach Tom Daniels set a gruelling programme aimed to kick start the transition from winter training to speed on the water. Erika Hutchinson, camp manager ensured the camp ran smoothly and that our juniors had sun screen, hydration  an enjoyable camp and an amazing experience. The skills involved in managing the athletes on and off the water are quite subtle. Tom is able to goad and incite peak performance whilst Erika manages the disparate group of coaches and paddlers with great skill and tact ensuring one of the best training camps to date.  Dyson and Ali bring their supportive nurturing style that has kept Norwich as one of the most successful clubs over a number of years. A great combination. Watch this space for details of 2018.

Photos from the training camp may be viewed here.

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Milfontes Camp

Twenty nine of this year. This is the sixth successive year that Longridge Canoe Club have returned to Vila Nova Milfontes.  International athletes, predominantly from Eastern And Northern Europe flee their countries icy embrace and seek out Jan”s hospitality in this small town on the Rio Mira estuary.

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