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Danube – day 1

I’d had the idea of paddling the Danube for a few decades and with my sixtieth birthday approaching it was now or never. I lived in Konstanz for six months in 1988 and met some paddlers from Konstanz Canoe Club that had paddled the Danube from source to sea. I paddled on the upper Danube with them and the idea was born but not realised until this year. Two friends joined me on the trip. I was paddling in a Plastex Seamastaster kayak. Guy Dresser paddled a Prijon and Ian White paddled a British built boat. The dynamics in the group were interesting and the challenges of the long days and our competive nature made the journey memorable. We are planning the next stage of the European farwell Brexit tour together for next year,

One of the one hundred portages
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Paddler, coach and freelance photographer. Love paddling and photography. Paddled 2,500k on the Danube in 2016. Won the DW at age 55 after coming second four times over a forty year period.
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